Aranearium - One of the best ways for understanding the real world of spiders. Don’t be scared of nice creatures and pass through the web site. Many answers for the questions you want to inquire.

There will presented the first (incomplete) version on January 31, 2008.

motto: We are not just beneficial, but also beautiful…

Have you ever think why do you detest us? And what do you know about us actually? Not too much, do you?

Well, have a look at us in details. It is useful to listen to advice, nowadays — when the nature is shaken — particularly.

Some words by author.

I have a such immodest idea that sometime, someday, pupils will used Aranearium for learning at the primary school and adults for information. Or all just for fun.

Why just Aranearium name? This word is difficult to read, difficult to pronounce and most difficult to remember. In spite of that, it seems to be an exact word. Aqua means water, but there are fishes in the aquarium. Viva means life, but there are animals in the vivarium. Arane means spiders and — of course — there are spiders in the aranearium. What I can expect in the columbarium. Chrystoph Columbus will be there?

Spiders interest me (unprofessionally) more than fifteen years. During that time I took fancy and respect. I cannot suggest that I know more than at a begin, but I am sure, they are no pests and it is more than it is possible to say about lots of us.

Ivan Marik in Prague, March 31, 2007

The English release of the website is not available meanwhile. We prepare the English version, that will present step-by-step as soon as we will have created the single items.

Get your picture of the website and see the Czech version.

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